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Immediately after molting process crab is left with thin sheet of shell, which subsequently grow to a thick shell in short time, Crab is harvested in the soft state, and consumed.

Originating in Japan several centuries ago, surimi is a unique functional food ingredient made of fish protein and used in surimi seafood products. Surimi consist of fish protein that are refined through heading, gutting and mincing the fish, then washing, removing water, and freezing the remaining protein. Surimi seafood consist of unique seafood ingredients with flavor similar to that of naturally occurring crab, shrimp, lobster and other shellfish with added convenience, safety and versalitty. (

Large edible marine gastropods having ear-shaped shell with a row of holes along the outer edge. It is normally found on rocks in kelp beds.

Pelagic fish whose upper jaws are prolonged into a spear or sword, namely Sword fish or Sail fish.

Mollucs that has two shells hinged together by a strong muscle, such as a clam, oyster, cockle or mussels.

Typical cat fish identified by their cat like barbels (whistkers). They do not have scales Catfish inhabit all continents, they form important food fish. They live on the bottom and they are bottom feeders. They hav cylindrical body with flattened belly. Catfish is low fat with firm, mild flavoured flesh.

Carps are considered queen of the fresh water belongs to cyprinidae family. Carps are broadly classified as major and minor carp. Catla, Rohu and Mrigal are called as Indian Major carps, carps like common carp, grass carp, Silver carp and Mirror carps are the minor carp variety. Meat off-white, tender, smooth in texture and mild no fishy taste

Cuttlefish, octopus and squid are jointly called as cephalopods, having Ten tentacles, eight of which have suction cups on their inner surface, two longer arms that can capture prey.
Tentacles attached to head. Ink sacs are used to evade predators.

Cray fish resemble lobster, they grown 3-6 inches, Most are fresh water species a few are salt water. Tail meat is the only edible portion:

Crustaceans are shellfish that have a jointed body with pairs of legs on each segment, a tough exoskeleton, crustaceans include crab, crayfish, lobster & shrimps.

Tuna, king fish belong to this family. The firm oily texture of their meat make them excellent eating. Mahi mahi – is a dolphin fish. A sweet flavoured, firm textured, moderately fat and very falvourful.

Moderate to high fat fish ranging in size from ½ to 12 pounds. They have firm, white flesh and mild nutty flavour.

A type of mollusk, the shell of gastropods is of one piece and usually coiled, sea whelk has commercial consumed in East Asian countries like Japan, Korea & China

This, the largest seabass family, Grouper has lean and firm meat that is suitable for mostr dry heat method of cooking. It is skinned before cooking as the skin has a strong flavor.

Eggs of fish or shell fish.

Marine invertebrate with a gelatinous, umbrella like body and long,fiber-like tentacles. The jellyfish is popular mainly in Chinese cuisine, Rarely found fresh, they are almost always dried and salted and used mainly for crunchy texture.

Salmon are caught in North America, northern Europe and elsewhere, much of today’s salmon supply is farmed. Atlantic salmon are farmed around the world and account for more than 95% of all the pen-raised salmon. King salmon are the largest and most prized of the wild salmon.

Very popular bivalve mollusk with matching fan-shaped shells. The most common portion eaten round the adductor muscle, the disc-shaped white meat which connects a scallop’s tissue to its shell.

A broad term for fish that have, or have had a shell of some kind. The shell is a exoskeleton that gives protection and structural support to the fish.

Crab found in cold water of Canada. Meat is mild and sweet, with firm texture.

Typically associated with pacific north west. A large crab it can range from one to four pounds, and yields excellent meat that is sweet, yet slightly marine in flavor – one of the most flavour full of all crabs.

Extremely hardy and adaptable grown in hilly terrain, used for sports fishing.

A generic term to describe the different types of finfish that live on or near the seafloor such as solefish, halibut or flounder.

Seafood or fish as caught in the waters as a whole form.

A strip of flesh from the side of a fish, removed from the backbone. Fillets can be skin-on or skinless.

Fish cut through vertically with bones and skin attached, but cutlet is piece of meat with bones and skin removed

Boneless quarters from large fish like tuna and swordfish.

H&G – Head & gut removed in a fish.

Each pieces are frozen separately.

Thinly sliced pieces of seafood that are eaten raw from freshly caught seafood or fish.

A protective coating of ice on frozen seafood to protect it from dehydration and oxidation during cold storage


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