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Big Seafood Companies Promise to Reduce Illegal Fishing

8 years ago | Written by

Eight of the world's largest seafood companies have promised for the first time to improve the transparency and traceability of their catches to stop illegal fishing and protect the oceans, they said Wednesday.

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Lower prices helped shrimp consumption in USA

8 years ago | Written by GLOBEFISH (

With a 3.2% rise in imports destined for local consumption, the USA was the largest market for imported shrimp in 2015. Lower shrimp prices helped producing countries increase exports beyond only traditional markets. Indeed, Ecuador, India and others exported large quantities of shrimp to Viet Nam and China as well as to other markets in Asia and the Middle East.

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Drought hits Vietnam fish farms hard

8 years ago | Written by VietNamNet Bridge

Drought and consequential saltwater intrusion in the first three months of 2016 have had a devastating impact, destroying thousands of hectare of prime fish farming area

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Asia-Pacific: agricultural perspectives

8 years ago | Written by Ping Chew and Marc Soccio for Rabobank

The Asia region is a decisive component in the global food chain, accounting for 19% of total global food and agriculture exports and 31% of total food and agriculture imports Asia’s large and growing population, coupled with rising incomes and a burgeoning middle class, will continue to drive demand for food & agricultural commodities and resources On the other hand, Asia cannot produce enough to support itself. Limited arable land, inadequate water and poor resource management, low farm yields, environmental and soil degradation and infrastructure inadequacy are limiting production. Consequently, Asia and especially China’s need for imports and investment locally and abroad is likely to increase Asia agribusiness and food & agriculture companies are likely to grow in size and scope to meet the increasing demand, national policies, rising organisational capabilities, and integration and consolidation throughout the value and supply chains

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Sustainable Seafood Surging, But Not Everywhere

8 years ago | Written by AFP

Demand for sustainable seafood has allowed the market for certified fish and shellfish to burgeon, but the world's biggest seafood producer Asia is lagging far behind, a report said Wednesday.

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Indian Seafood Export statistics 2014-2015: MPEDA Press release

8 years ago | Written by Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)

The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. MPEDA is the nodal agency for promotion of export of marine products from India. MPEDA has presence in all the maritime states and is implementing its developmental schemes for export promotion / aquaculture production through its field offices. During the financial year 2014-15, exports of marine products reached an all-time high of USD 5511.12 million. Marine product exports crossed all previous records in quantity, rupee value and USD terms. Exports aggregated to 10,51,243 MT valued at Rs. 33441.61 crores and USD 5511.12 million. Compared to the previous year, seafood exports recorded a growth of 6.86 % in quantity, 10.69% in rupee and 10.05 % growth in USD earnings

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