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Species: Sphyraena spp

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This very elongaged fish is a fearsome predator with strong jaws and sharp teeth. It is a ray finned fish know for its large size and feasome appearance, body covered with scales. They can grow upto 2meters length. Body elongated, usually slightly compressed. Head large with a long, pointed snout; mouth large; horizontal, the lower jaw projecting beyond the upper Strong canine teeth of unequal size in jaws and on palatines Two short and widely separated dorsal fins. Colour usually grey to blue aove, with silvery reflections, lighter to white. Lateral line is prominent extends straight from head to tail. Barracudas are elongaged fish, sharp edged fang like teeth, pointed head. Most barracuda are dark blue, darkgreen or gray on top, silvery sides, some species has irregular black lines on the sides. They feed on other fishes for food. They live in and around the edges of coral reefs. They can live 10 - 15 years.

Kannada - Suruli kandai
Konkani - Tonki
Malayalam - Seelavu
Tamil - Ooli
Oriya - seela betu
Bengali - Surnagi nimcha


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