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Species: Octopus spp

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Octopus belongs to cephalopod like cuttlefish and squid. They have two eyes and 4 pairs of arms bearing suction cup They inhabit coral reefs, pelagic waters and ocean floor. They can camouglage to the background. They feed on crabs and other mollucs. Octopus has firm dry meaty flesh.

Gujarathi - Salakh
Konkani - Zarem
Kannada - Negal
Malayalam - Neerali / Kinavalli
Tamil - Peikanava
Telugu - Deyyapu kandavaya

Octopus have mild to moderate flavour with taste and texture similar to other cephalopods. Octopus is best when cooked for 20 to 40 minutes till the meat gets tender. Once tenderized this can be further prepared to the required taste using the spices and herbs. Frozen octopus is prferred as freezing tenderize the meat to an extend.

How to prepare and tenderise Octopus


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