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Ribbon fish / Hairy tail

Species: Trichiurus spp

Ribbon 1


Ribbon 2


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They are ribbon like appearance. They have long compressed, tape like body, short head, narrow mouth and feeble teeth. Dorsal fin extend whole length of the back. Not anal fin. Grow upto 120cm, reported at depth of 80meters. Body extremely elongate, compressed and ribbon like Mouth large,lower jaw projecting; strong canine teeth in jaws, those at front of the upper jaw fang-like, single nostril on each side Dorsal fin low and long, begining shortly behind eye.Tail fin either small and forked or absent, body tapering to a point. Lateral line single, scales absent, colour body generally silvery. They grow upto 120cms, found upto 100meters depth. They ascend to near surface at night in large schools. Feed on shrimps and fishes, voracious predators.

Gujarathi - baga /Lapti
Marathi - Baga
Konkani - Balle
Kannada - pambole / Hambole
Malayalam - Pampaada / Vellithalayan
Tamil - Savaalai / vaalai
Telugu - Nalla chavaadalu / Savaala
Oriya - Rupapatia / Savaala / Langi
Bengali - Sagunapatia

Easy fish to clean, This is mild fish good for frying. It has many bones mostly eaten dried forms.


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