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Pearl spot

Species: Etroplus suratensis

Pearl spot


Popularly called Karimeen, delicacy in Kerala in India. They have elliptical body with tiny diamond spots all over its body. It is found in the freshwater and salt water. They have colour of green chromide. Body covered with scales. It is a hardy fish. They feed on algae, plants and water insects.

Gujarathi - Etroplus
Marathi - Kalundar
Konkani - Kalunder
Kannada - Erimeenu / Kaleriya / Kalse / Matak
Malayalam - Karimeen
Tamil - Uduppati / Palincha / Karassar / Panishettai / Sethakendai
Telugu - Cashimara / Durrenachepa
Oriya - Cundahle

It has white flaky meat, neutral in falvor, moderate texture


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