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Lizard fish

Species: Strongylura spp

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Head lizard like, Body elongate usually cyclindrical and with adipose fin. Mouth large and terminal, with rows of numerous small, slender and pointed teeth visible even when mouth is closed. Colour green/brown on back, lighter on flanks,with dark blotches or bars down flanks or on fins in certain species. Several rows of teeth visible in both jaws even when mouth is closed Back and sides brown, belly pale or silvery, 8-10 faint bars occasionally visible along lateral line. Distal parts of dorsal pectoral and particularly caudal fins dusky; otherwise no marking on fins They grow upto 40cms. They are generally small fish, they have slender cylindrical bodies head resemble lizards. Visible sharp teeth in the head. They live in shallow coastal waters sandy or muddy area.

Gujarathi - Bhunger/ Chor bumble
Marthi - Chor Bombil
Konkani - Narle
Kannada - Arana meenu
Malayalam - Arana meen / Veembili/ Uluvachi
Tamil - Thumbili / Ooluvai
Telugu - Bade matta
Oriya - Budinota / Balia girrida/ Andolla
Bengali - Kauda mach

Wet cooking will turn this fish into mush, pan fry is good Normally eaten fresh or dry salted.


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