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Bulls eye fish

Species: Priacanthus hamrur

Bulls eye


Small to moderate sized fishes with relatively deep, compressed bodies Eyes very large, near dorsal profile of head; mouth large strongly oblique, lower jaw projecting. Continous dorsal fin of 10 spines & 15 soft ray Colour generally bright red, but some species can vary from pinkish silver through mottled red to solid red Live with coral or rock at depth of 25meters.. Big eyes are a family of small tropical fish Poserios portion of preopecle above and below spiny Pelvic fins shorter than head Body crimson red; fins dusky to blackish, being darker near margins

Gujarathi - Ratado, Dorali
Marathi - Tambi
Kannada - Disco meenu
Malayalam - Bullsai
Tamil - Kakkasi
Telugu - Bochelu, Yera-chepalu
Oriya - Alta-punti
Bengali - Alta-punti

The flesh of this fish is firm, ligh, tasty and good. Good for Pan fry and Indian curry


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