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Halfbeak Fish

Species: Hemiramphus spp



They grow up to 45cm. Live closer to coral reef often enters estuaries. Pelagic swim closer to surface. They are named for their distinctive jaws, in which lower jaw are significantly longer than the upper jaws. Elongate fishes with a prolonged lower jaw and a short triangular upper jaw Nostrils in a pit anterior to the eyes. No spines in fins; dorsal and anal fins posterior in position; pelvic fins in abdominal position; pectoral fins usually short

Lateral lines running down from pectoral fin origin and then backward alon ventral margin of body Colour green or blue on the back and silvery white on the sides and ventrally. Tip of the lower jaw bright red or orange in most species. They feed on algae, seagrass, crustaceans and smaller fishes.

Kannada - Surali kondai / Konthi
Malayalam - Kolaan / Pookola
tamil - Mural
Telugu - Mudduru kolasa

Firm meat, good for curry and fry in Indian style Good as dried and salted form.


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