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Lady fish / silver Sillago / White whiting

Species: Sillago sihama



Body elongate, slightly compressd, tapering from middle of spinous dorsal fin to head and tail. Grow upto 25cms Lives in shallow sandy bottom of shores and high salinity lagoon. Opercle with a small, sharp spine; mouth small, terminal Two separate dorsal fins, the first with 9 to 12 slender spines Scales small; lateral line slightly arched Colour silvery grey. green.

Gujarathi - Sing
Marathi - Mudadi / Renvi
Kannada - Kandike/ kane
Malayalam - Kathiron / Pooyam/ Kalimeen
Tamil - Kilangan
telugu - Surangi
Oriya - Palisurangi
Bengali - Tulkarma

Light white flaky fish, firm meat, mild flavour, larger fish taste better.


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