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Tilapia is a fresh water fish. This fish originally native of Nile. One of the oldest fish to be farmed. They are tolerant of poor water quality, fast growing, inexpensive fish. Tilapia are hardy, aggressive freshwater fish reproduce quickly and eat a grain based vegetarian diet. While the outer flesh may range in colour from black with white shading to pinish-red, meat of the fish is white firm in texture and mildy sweet in flavour, similar to catfish. This fish grow fast and can reach a size for harvesting within eight to 10months. If the fish is growing in polluted waters, meat my have muddy taste. Tilapia is white fish with bland flavor; good substitute for other white meat fishes, delicate texture. Tilapia is apopular freshwater fish that is commonly farm-raised. It has a mild, slightly seet taste.

Gujarathi - Tiapis
Konkani - Tilapo
Kannada - Sarkari meenu
Malayalam - Thilapia
Telugu - China goraka
Tamil - Jilepi Kendai

Small and close flakes, moist, white or pink colour meat. Tilapia is mild, flaky and tender. Mostly farm caught.


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