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Grey mullet

Species: Liza spp & Mugil spp

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Grow upto 90cm. Found in Coastal marine, estuaries and fresh water; adults in the sea generally over mud banks and young and juveniles in estuaries or close to shore. Feed at bottom on algae. Elongate fishs, usually with broad , flattened head, blunt snout and cylindrical or a little compressed body Lateral line absent, scales large or moderate sized; colour - blue green olive on back. silvery on sides and belly, eyes oftern partly covered by fatty tissue, and belly is off white. Fins are dark grey to blue, found in marine water, estuaries, lagoons Head profile dqually rounded between dorsal and ventral profiles very solid cylindrical body shape

Gujarathi - Boi / Mangan
Marathi - Boi / Pilsa
Kannada - Shevta / Mala / Pare
Konkani - Shevta
Malayalam - Thirutha Kanambu
Tamil - Madavi / Kasmeen
Telugu - Kathiparega
Oriya - Kohala /Meji
Benglai - Parshey / Dhakra
Bengali - Parshey / Dhakra/ Khasla

Mullet are moderate to high-fat fish. They have firm, white flesh and mild, nutty flavor. Good for dry and moist cooking. Grey mullet has a distinctive, earthy flavour that is not universally loved. Grey mullet roe is a delicacy smoked


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