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Cobia / Black king fish

Species: Rachycentron canadum



Commonly called as black kingfish. Resembles shark Can grow upto 2meters length, it has elongated spindle shaped body and flattened head. White and black bands visible on the body of young ones.The eyes are small and the lower jaw projects slightly past the upper. Fibrous villiform teeth line the jaws. Head broad and depressd; first dorsal fin with 7-9 short but strong isolated spines, not connected by membrane

Caudal fin lunate, upper lobe longer than lower lobe. The body of the fish is smooth with small scales. It is dark brown in colour, grading to white on the belly Large pectoral fins are normally carried horizontally attain the profile of shark. The mature cobia has a forked, slightly lunated tail. It feeds on crabs, squid and other fishes.Common with skipjack tuna.

Gujarathi - Sakaro
Marathi - Sakla, Middus
Kannada - Melugu meenu
Malayalam - Kadal varal
Tamil - Kadal varal
Telugu - Peddla matta
Oriya - Metta, Samudra-seola
Bengali - Scola

Cobia have a frim white tasty flesh, good fish for dry salted. It is flavourfull fish. Meat is ready when it is opaque all the way through.It has firm flesh. Good for grilling


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