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Rays and skates are bottom dwelling elasmobranchs sharing similar diamond or rhomboid shape. Rays are kite shaped with streamlined tails that may have one or more posonous spines. Skate tails are fleshier and havier, have small fins, also called guitar fish.

Skates - Each pelvic fin divided into two lobes, tail relatively stocky without a stinging spine. Tail usually with two small dorsal fins near its tip

Rays - Each pelvic fin with one lobe, tail relatively slender to whip-like, usually with a saw-edged stinging spine midway along its length.

Shorttail Stingray: Dasyatis sp

Body round disc like. No caudal fin, Dorsal fins are absent Tail long whip like with one or more poisonous sharp spine In some species tail fold also present.

Eagle Ray: Myliobatis

Snout broad and short, connected to pectoral disc by a broad ridge under each eye Pectoral tip blunt, hardly falcate Disc chocolate-brown to black above, white below no prominent markings.

Marathi -Chamli pakat
Konkani - Waghole
Malayalam - Thirandi
Tamil - Savukku thirukkai
Telugu - Tarukuteki / Mulluteku
Oriya - Sankara / Sankucha
Bengali - Sankar murali

Flesh is sweet and tender. it is very meaty has a very mild taste, a nutty taste. Wings prefered due to strands of flesh and cartilage. The flesh can be removed from cartilage after it is cooked. Good for pan fry, The white flesh peel of the bone.

Note: It needs to be skined before it is cooked


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