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Pony fish / Silver bellies

Species: Leiognathus spp

Pony fish 1


Pony fish 2


Pony fish 3


They grow upto 28cm Most species are shallow waters, over a substratum of mud and sand. They feed on copepods, poychaetes and gastropods. Large species used for human consumption and small ones are used for fish meal.

Gujarathi - Katali
Marathi - kap / Katali
Konkani - Kampi
Kannada -Kanaikurchi / Kurchi
Malayalam - Kurichi / Nalla mullan/ Thali mullan
tamil - Karal
Oriya - chandee / Kara
Bengali - Plastic mach

Pony fish meat is medium in flavor and stays fairly firm when cooked. It is very bony but not very hard. Good for frying Flesh excellent but many small bones in the smaller species. Can be consumed fresh, salted and dry.


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