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Species: Coryphaena hippurus

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Is also called dolphinfish pretty colourfull, it is a slim and elongated body, generally silvery on sides, long head and snout, strong and visible teeth, they feed on shrimps, fishes and squids. They move in schools especially in younger stages. Live close to continental edge, prefer clear water and more abundant on surface and midwater. Elongate compressed fishes, Adult males develop bony crest on front of head. Lateral line curved upward above pectoral fin.

Dorsal and anal fins very long, continuing almost to caudal fin, without sharp spines or finlets; dorsal fin origin on nape. colour in life very variable, sides with golden hues and back brilliant metallic greens and blue; many small, black spots on head and body. They can grow upto 180centimeters and live at 100feet depth.

Gujarathi - Apnus / Himra machi
Marathi - apnus / Abanoos/ Himra massa
Malayalam - Chaincover, Neimeen
Tamil - Ayilis
telugu - Peda tura
Oriya - Sisun magar
Bengali - Putul
Lakhadweep Is - Fiyala, Affunose
Andaman Is - Rui

sweet-flavored, firm-textured fish, moderately fat and not very flavorful. Mahi is a lean fairly firmed meat with a sweet and mild to moderate flavor, similar to swordfish. Meat is pinkish to grayish white. Meat can be substituted for Snapper, Grouper and Sea bass.


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