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Species: Thunnus spp

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It is salwater finfish member of mackerel family. They has body temperature higher than the surrounding waters An active and agile predator, streamlined body, it is fastest swimming pelagic fish. It is extensively fished commercially. Tuna is widely regarded as a delicacy in most areas. Tuna has oily meat, good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Bluefin tuna is highly prized among other tunas

Gujarathi - Gedara
Marathi - Gedar / Kuppa
Kannada - Surameenu
Konkani - Bugade
Malayalam - Choorai
Tamil - Surai / Choorai
Telugu - Nethuru thura
Oriya - Disco tumbala
Bengali - Attom bomb
Lakshadweep Is - Choora / Kalibila mas
Andaman Is - Kata baugdi

They have firm teture and mild to moderate flavour. Tuna meat based on the variety colour of the meat ranges from light pink to a reddish brown colour, more darker meat is more flavourful. Long frying time will result in dry and chewy meat; need to be careful. Cook until it becomes flaky.


Nick Grilling tuna: A good tuna steak wants to be a really deep red. You don’t want anything beige or brown, it’s got to be bright red like a beef steak.
How to cook: Always oil the tuna steak well and season with salt and pepper before grilling. You need to have a grill which is really hot so that when you press the steak onto the barbecue, it will sear. You want to cook it for 30 seconds on one side, 30 seconds on the other. Cook again on each side and you’re done.

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