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False Trevally or Jumper fish

Species: Lactarius lactarius



Mouth large and oblique, with prominent lower jaw; one pair of small sharp cannine teeth at front of each jaw. Grow upt0 40cm Colour silvery grey with a blue iridescence above; silvery white below A dusky spot on upper part of gill cover. Reported at depth of 100meters, It has large mouth, laterally compressed body. It lives in muddy and sandy bottom. Fish is colored silvery grey on the upper parts with blue iridescence dorsally, under part are colored silvery white, fins pale yellow.

Gujarathi - Katali / Dhangari
Konkani - Sondar
Kannada - Saundala/ Ademeenu
Malayalam - Parava
Tamil - Sudumba/ Suthumbu
Telugu - Chedumu/Sudumu
Bengali - Sating
Andamans Is - Sashed pomplet

Moderate fishy flavor, meat has moderately high oil, medium textured, fine flakes with few bones.


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