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Redmullet / Goat Fish

Species: Parupeneus spp

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It has mild flavoured, firm white meat and few bones red mullet has long chin barbels that look like the whiskers on a goat, which they use to locate food. taste similar to seabass or trout. Grow up to 20cm, most live in shallow water over soft bottoms, some over coral reefs. They have barbels on the lower jaw, they feed on small fishes. One pair of barbels presen at the tip of chin Body elongate arid somewhat compressed Two long unbranched barbels on chin Two well separated dorsal find. caudal find deeply forked

Tamil - Sen navarai
telugu - goolovanda
Kannada - Purli
Gujarathi - Cheeri
Malayalam - Keerimeen
Bengali - Borai
Konkani - Rane

Indian goatfish has mild firm white flesh suitable for most method of cooking. It easily breaks up into large flakes


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