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Indian salmon or Blue Threadfin

Species: Eleutheronema tetradactylum

Indian Salmon 1


Indian Salmon 2


It is different fish than the European or American Salmon. Found in shallow coastal waters over mud banks and mud and sand. also in brackish and freswater river mouth. feed on bottom living crustaceans and fishes. Lower pectoral fin rays present, mouth inferior Head scaly, with conical snout, projecting beyong the large mouth lateral lines extending onto caudal fin. colour silvery, golden or light brown , sometimes with a dark blotch at the shoulder or dark longitudianl lines, fins yelloish or more less dusky. Can grow upto 200cm Lip absent, except for lower lip near corner of mouth; eyes large very solid cylindrical body shape

Gujarathi - Rawas
Marathi - Rawas
Kannada - Va meenu / Rumus / Balimeenu
Konkani - Dara / Rawas
Malayalam - Vazhmeen / Thamuthi
Tamil - Kaala / Pozhakada / Seenakaala
Telugu - Maga / Bada thamaga
Oriya - Sahal / Manga
Bengali - Gurjali / Sahal
Andaman Is - Tobrodah /Kurchil

Very tasty fish, white flaky meat moderate texture, flavourful meat. Good for both curry and fry.


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