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Species: Labeo rohita



Rohu endemic to Indian subcontinent. Body bilaterally symmetirical, moderately elongated, fish looks more curve on the top and relatively flat in the abdomen side, thick lips, small mouth single fin on the top. lateral lines visible, colour bluish on the top and silvery on the abdomen side.

Marathi - Tambada maasa / Rohu
Konkani - Rohu
Kannada - Rohu meenu
Malayalam - Rohu / Rohithan
Tamil - Rohu / Kanndi Kendai
Telugu - Silavathi / Bocha - gandumeenu
Oriya - Rohu / Rohi
Bengali - Riu / Ruee / Rahu
Assamese - Rohiti / Rui / Rau
Bihari - Rohu
Hindi - Rohu / Bhobhari
Punjabi - Rohu / Tapra / Dumar / Dhambra

They have white flesh, many small bones visible in the meat. Good to remove dark meat at the midlateral section.


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