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Bombay duck

Species: Harpadon neherus

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It is a marine lizard fish, also called as bummalo or bombil. It is narrow usually 6 – 8 inches long, slimy fish. It is caught in November and december; the processing goes on from December until march. It is a delicacy in Maharastra. This fish is commonly found in the Arabian sea between Mumbai and Gujarat and small extend in West Bengal. Mouth very wide armed with slender, recurved and depressible teeth of unequal size Dorsal fin followed by a conspicuous adipose fin; pelvic fins very long lateral line extending onto pointed median lobe of caudal fin.

Gujarathi - Bumla / bombil
Marathi - Bombil
Kannada - Bombuli
Konkani - Bombil
Malayalam - Bomblaya
Tamil - Vankaravasi
Telugu - Vanmatta / Chukla chava
Oriya - Bombalo / Naluna / Banamotta
Bengali - Bombala / Nihare

It is a delicate fish,it has high water content, absorbent paper need to be used with some weight for 20minutes. It can crumble easily. Usually eaten as fry or as dry fish. One of best fish to fry sweet, moist flesh and crispy. It has a strong fishy excessive salt taste with a brittle crumbly texture. Fesh Bombay duck is a very soft fish and is susceptible to spoilage, so most of the catch is sun dried. It can be used as a starter. It has strong pungent smell, it has salty taste. Be careful while turning the fish over - since it is so delicate it will not withstand constant turning so it is best to let it cook completely before you turn.


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