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Species: Lutjanus spp

Snapper 1


Snapper 2


Snapper 3


Mouth Terminal, moderate to large extending somewhat when opened; jaw teeth usually in few rows, conical and sharp Preopercul usually serrate Dorsal fin continuous, with 10-12 spines and 10-17 soft rays Anerior part of head without scales. Mostly marine, grow upto 120cm, live upto depth of 450m. All the species show increased activity after sunset. All are highly predatory, feeding on crustaceans, bivalves, gastropods, cephalopods and small fishes.

Gujarathi - Gulalion/ Raja / Tamp
Marathi - Charari tamp
Kannada - Murimeenu / Chemballi / Cheveri tamp
Malayalam - chemballi
Tamil - Seppili
Telugu - Rangu
Oriya -Soosta
Bengali - Koro bhekti

Snapper is a lean, moist fish with a frim texture and a distinctive sweet, nutty flavor. Raw flesh is pinkish turns lighter when cooked. A lean round saltwater fish with flaky white flesh which has a firm most texture and a mild sweet flavour. It has sweet nutty flavor and tends to retain moisture.


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