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Asian Sea Bass / Sea Perches / Barramundi

Species: Lates Calcarifer

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It is found in the brackish water lake. They grow upto 200cm. Live in Estuaries, openings of river mouths and inshore muddy areas and coral reefs. Bottom feeders on small fish and crustaceans.

Body elongate or oblong, compressed, dorsal profile concave at nape Mouth large, jaws equal or with lower longer than upper, Dorsal fin almost wholly separated with 2, with 7-8 strong spines in front, tail fin rounded.Big mouth, have large scales, large mouth with distinct lower jaw. Colour usually dark grey or green above and silvery below

Marathi - Khajura / Jiteda
Konkani - Dodaro
Kannada - Koliji / Kemberi / Mudar meenu
Malayalam - Kaalanji - narimeen
Tamil - Koduva
Telugu - Padukoppa / Dadhara
Oriya - Bhelti / Dadara
Bengali - Todah / Gural

It has flesh wich is a pearly-pink and white when cooked, Barramundi has firm flesh with large, moist flakes and sweet, butter flavor profile. The flesh has only few bones which are large and easy to remove.

Small Barramundi have a milder taste than larger Barramundi. The skin is also edible and crispy on frying. Good for dry-salted. Barramundi from saltwater has a sweet, mild taste and a delciate texture when young. Older, larger fish often have a muddy taste, and almost all of the fresh water barramundi are inferior.


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