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Indian Hallibut

Species: Psettodes erumei

Indian Halibut


Grow upto 60cms. Live in sand and muddy bottom at 25meters to 100meters. It is dark brown on the top side with an off-white underbelly and have very small scales invisible to the naked eye. Both the eyes present in the same side.

Gujarathi - Hario
Marathi - zhipali / Bhakas
Konkani - Lepo
Kannada - Dodda nangu / Kolli nangu
Malayalam - Ayirampalli / Manthal / Paanjukadiyan
Tamil - Erumei nakku
Telugu - Thammaratta / Eddunalika
Oriya - Patapatia /Kurkur jiba
Bengali - Bhuta pata

Halibut is low-fat white, firm and mild with a big flake. Moist and meaty texture Pinkish/ white colored meat, white after cooking. Flat fish that has a delicate white flesh that extremely mild in taste.


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