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Sickle fish

Species: Drepane punctata

Sickle 1


Sickle 2




Body very deep and strongly compressed; head with a parabolic upper profile colour silvery grey abov, silvery white below, with dusky spots or grey vertical bars Mouth terminal and protrusible, forming a downward- pointing tube when protracted Dorsal fin with 8-10 spines, the spinous part separated from the soft part by a deep notch and depressible in a high basal scaly sheath. Colour silvery grey above, silvery white eblwo, with dusky spots or grey vertical bars They grow upto 45cm Juveniles live in schools and grownup in pairs. they live at depth 40m. feed on small invertebrates

Gurarathi - Chand
Marathi - Chand
Konkani - Chande
Kannada - Katre / Hakkimeenu
Malayalam -Paruthumeen / Painthi
Tamil - Painthee
Telugu - Tharalam / Thelti
Oriya - Chitra chandi / Dhala/ Chotaki / Jhanjara
Bengali - Dahi chaka


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