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Reef Cod

Species: Epinephelus spp

Brown speckled


Brown spotted








Thin spined


Tomato RF


Found in the tropical and subtropical waters. Grow up to 270cm. Active mainly during the night, although some guard territory and feed during daytime as well. Live mainly on coral reefs, mostly confined to shallow water, most species are solitary or in pairs. they are active predators and feed heavily on small fishes of coral reefs. It is one of the largest coral dwelling fish. It has large pectoral and caudal fins . Body robust or somewhat compressed oblong-oval to rather elongate. Mouth large A single dorsal fin with 7 to 13 spines & 10 -19 soft rays Edge of preopercle serrate; 2 or 3 flat points. Colour variable patterns of light or dark stripes spots, vertical or diagonal bars visible. Many species are capable of rapid colour changes,

Marathi - Hekavu /Gobra
Malayalam - kalawa
Tamil - kalawa
Telugu - Bontha / Bontoo
Lakshadweep Is - Chencheera Chammam

Lean meat with distinctive yet mild flavor, large flakes and firm texture, mild flavor. Raw meat creamy orange turns white coloured on cooking. Thick fillets are firm and hold moisture better than most lean fish. It has a lean and firm meat that is suitable for most dry heat methods of cooking. It should be skinned before cooking, as the skin has a strong flavour. Moist, mild, distinct slightly sweet taste.


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