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Wolf herring

Species: Chirocentrus spp

Wolf herring 1


Wolf herring 2


Colur blue/ green on back sides silvery Body long slender. large cannines in both jaws, dorsal fin set far back on the body, caudal fin deeply forked. Two fang like canine pointing forward in upper jaw, a series of canine teeth in lower jaw. Upper part of the dorsal find black, inner face of pectoral fin black at base; some black on anterior part of anal fin. grow up to 100cm. Live in shallow inshore waters. They has elongated bodies and jaws with long sharp teeth that facilitate their ravenous appetites, they can grow up to 1 meter. They have silvery sides and bluish backs.Fast swimmer preys on small fishes. Used as bait for trawlling.

Gujarathi - Dai
Marathi - Katali / Karali
Kannada - Karli
Malayalam - Mullu vaala
Tamil - Mullu valai/ Karu valai
Telugu - Vala
Oriya - Khanda balia
Bengali - Khavda / chela

Very tasty fish but have lots of bones.


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