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Solefish or Tongue fish

Species: Cynoglossus spp

Sole fish 1


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It has lean, white flesh with a delicate flavour and firm flaky texture. Grow up to 40cm. Live in mud banks or a mixture of mud and sand. Active at night. Oval or somewhat elongate and strongly compressed flat fishes with eyes on right side of body

Preopercle without a free margin, embedded in skin No spines in fins, dorsal fin extending far forward on head; dorsal and anal fin completely separate from , adherent to, or fused with caudal fin lateral lines singel and straight on body; but sometimes branched on head Colour usually brown, sometimes with scattered black spots or blotches or dark crossbands dark bands on the eyed side of body and vertical fins; blind side yellow/white

Gujarathi - Jib
Marathi - Gipti / Lep/ Shivra
Kannada - Nangu / Lyamp
Malayalam - Vaalan manthal / Vaalan nangu
Tamil - Naaku meen

It is low fat fish. tender meat, moderate flavour.


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