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Seer fish or King fish

Species: Scomeromorus spp

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Body elongate and fusiform 2-3 keels present on caudal peducncle, finlets are present after 2nd dorsal and anal find Colour usually bluish or greenish above with a pattern of wavvy bands on upper sides and silvery below.

They can grow upto 4feet length. Pelagic fish, often descend to feed on fishes near the bottom. Body elongate rathe compresed; lateral line abrouptly bent downward below end of 2nd dorsal find Back iridescent blue/ grey sides silver with bluish reflections, marked with numerous thin, wavy vertical bands; juveniles are frequently spotted.

Gujarathi - Surmai / Chapri
Marathi - Surmai / Towar / Anjari
Konkani - Wisvan
Kannada - bawan / Arkale / Bari meenu
Malayalam - Neimeen / Varimeen / Nanmeen
Tamil - Nettaiyan seela/ Vanchiram / Neimeen
Telugu - Konemu
Oriya - Konemu / koni/ Mingiram
Bengali - Gura / Mackerel

It Is also called kingfish, meat is darker off white, moderately firm and lean. It is most flavorfull of mackerel. Meat is flaky after cooking.


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