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Milk Fish

Species: Chanos chanos



Body elongate, moderately compressed, wtih no scutes along belly Mouth small, without teeth, lower jaw with a small tubercle at tip, fitting into a notch of upper jaw; branhiostegal rays only4 Dorsal fin at about midpoint of body; anal fin short and far behind dorsal fin base Scales small, lateral line present. Colour back olive green, flanks silver. Dorsal anal and caudal fins with dark margins It can grow upto a meter long, Body elongated. Moderately compressed, lateral line present, silvery sides and dark color finds. They live in marine and brackish water at depth of 20m.

Kannada - Poomeenu / Hoomeenu
Tamil - Palmeen
Telugu - Pala chukka
Bengali - Panch kati

Milk fish has a distinct flavor (muddy), with white meat. Natural flavor is mild enough. Milk fish is has more bones, fatty belly (delicacy in Philipines). It is delicious fish. Its nearly white flesh is neither too strong nor too mild.


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