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Needle fish

Species: Strongylura spp



They grow upto 150cm Mostly marine but some fresh water, they live midwaters or surface. Carnivorous, feed on other small fishes. Also used for dry-salted.

Gujarathi - Kunga/ toli / Tiri
Marathi - Tol
Konkani - Tokki
Kannada - Konti / Kandai / Toli
Malayalam - Kola/ Kolaan/ Mural
Tamil - Oosi kola/ Nedu mural/ Pampu mural
Telugu - Chinna pichika/ Muddera
Oriya - Kankhey / Kodivi
Lakshadweep Is - Oola /Keran/ Dethumtholi

Tasty fish for fry and Indian curry. fry gives little salty feeling


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