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Rabbit fish or Spinefoots

Species: Siganus spp

Rabbit fish 1


Rabbit fish 2


Rabbit fish 3


They can grow upto 45cm, all have large and dark eyes and small rabbit like mouth, they are brightly coloured with complex pattern. They live among corals, they feed on algae. Most species are diurnal or active during daytime some species know to sleep on their sides on sandstone reef.

Marathi - Kunar/ Dhagavir/ Kutri
Kannada - Marapaiya
Malayalam - Karadumeen
Tamil - Orameen
Telugu - Warawah
Lakshadweep Is - Vori
Andaman Is - tharoardah

Delicate flavor, slightly sweet, fine texture. Stomach area can be bitter, you can avoid. Also eaten dry-salted.


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