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Catfish pabda

Species: Ompack bimaculatus

Catfish pabda


It is called butter catfish, considered on of tasties catfish. Body is laterally compressed on both sides. Pair of whiskers seem in the mouth. Mouth curved and wide. Belly fin extend till the tail. belly silver colour. They live in surface water.Top side of body grayish silver, belly whitish.

Gujarathi - Gungwari
Marathi - Moone, Goong waree
Kannada - Godla, Kembari
Malayalam - Manaja valah
Tamil - Chotah wahla, Silai valai
Telugu - Dukaduma, Theenuva
Oriya - Pabtah
Bengali - Puffta
Assemeese - Pabho, Pava
Hindi - Pata, Gungli, Chechera, Jalkapoor
Punjabi - Pubta, Pallus, Pallu, Goongwah


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