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Parrot fish

Species: Scarus spp

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Body oblong, moderately compressed Dorsal fin continuous, with 9 slender flexible spines rays colour most species are colourfull and man exhibit strinking sexual dischromatism Most species have 2 distinct adult colour phases Parrot fish is completely covered with huge scales with a lot of overlap making them difficult to scrape. They are found in coral reefs, they have numerous teeth in the jaw bone forming parrot like beak. They grow upto 1meter. They mostly feed on algae and coral polyps.

Fish in general is slimy due to mucus secretion, need to be scrubed with salt. Stunning brightly coloured with a soft and delicate texture,

Malayalam - Parrot fish
Tamil - Kizhimeen
telugu - Shnee moiya

meat is very soft. Meat is pure white in color, mild and tender.


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