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Species: Loigo spp and Doryteuthis spp

Semi needle squid


Thondi squid


White squid


Squid also popularly called Calamari. Squid like cuttlefish have eight arms and 2 long tentacles with suckers at the edge. Squid are strong swimmers and can fly for short distance out of the water. Squid have cylindrical body they are found in shoals in the sea. It has large eyes on either side of the head contain hard lens. They feed on other smaller seaorganism The meat is firm yet tender, mild and has a subtle sweetness.

Gujarathi - Narsingha
Marathi - Nal / Narsingha
Konkani - Mankli / Manki
Kannada - Bondas
Malayalam - Koonthal
Tamil - Oosi kanava
Telugu - Kondavai / Kandavaya
Oriya - Kumiti muna / Kalirinda
Bengali - Samudra shasha / Bed
Oriya - Batua macha

Cooked squid turn to opaque white and firm from translucent. Edible parts of the squid include tentacles, tube (mantle) and fins. Squid must be cooked either a very short time (two minutes over high heat) or a very long time (atleast 30 minutes to an hour to re-tenderize); anything in between turns it into rubber.


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