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Species: Perna spp



Mussels occur in the coastal waters, estuaries and backwaters along the west and east coast of India. Abundant in the southern peninsular. Bivalves obtain their food by pumping water through their system and filtering small organisms from surrounding waters. They grow near the bottom and attach themselves in clusters to hard surfaces or shells.

Konkani – Shinanee
Kannada – Kalla
Malayalam – Chippi / Kakka
Telugu – Alagulla / Yerra ali chepalu
Tamil – Kallika, Kadalka

Ensure to remove the sand in the gut (intestine), buy only the live ones for cooking Most of the live ones have their shell closed, if they dont close give it a tap; discard the dead ones

Place the mussel over a steam or boiling pot of water, shell open when dead and cooked. 5 to 10 minutes afer the boiling point of water is better preferred.

Remove the meat, use for further cooking or garnishing.

Mussel are Chewy texture, Earthy-sea flavor, similar to clam,


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