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Species: Pangaius sp

Basa 1


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It is very large catfish, forked tail, small fin on the top. wide mouth and large eyes. Greenish yellow colour, yellow fins. One of the fastest growing fish and sucessfully cultured fish Vietnam is the world leader in industrially cultivated Basa. Commercially this fishes are also called as Tra, Basa and Swai. Indian Basa is commonly called as Pungus or Pink Basa, meat is more pinkish. In recent times, India has imported considerable volume mostly for the Restuarants.

Based on the type of the fish and habitat, meat of basa have Yellow, white and Pinkish. flesh is moist with light firm texture, mild fish flavour. White fillet and yellow fillets are best fit for Chinese dishes. IT may not suit Indian curry or Indian style fry.


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