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Species: Pampus spp, Niger spp

Black Pomfret


Chinese Pomfret


Silver Pomfret


Grow upto 60cms. Live in shallow mud banks to 20m depth. Body laterally compressed, often found in large schools seasonally on the surface. feed on zooplanktons and medusae. Silver Pomfret - Pampus argenteus Deeply forked tail, fins are deeply falcate.

Body very deep and compressed, caudal peducnle short and compressed, with no keels or scutes Single dorsal and anal fins Pelvic fins absent, mouth small, maxilla immobile covered with skin and united to cheek Scales small, cycloid very easily shed; head naked Colour conspicuously silvery with bluish cast on back.

Gujarathi - Paplet / Vichuda
Marathi - Paplet / Saranga
Konkani - Poplet
Kannada - Bilimanji / Manji
Malayalam - avoli
Tamil - vaval
Telugu - Tella chanduva/ sadi sanduva
Oriya - Chandua / Ghee chandi
Bengali - Baul chandi
Andaman Is - Pomplet

It is one of teh most sought after fish in India due to delicate white flesh with subtle non fishy flavour. Thesh break up easily on the plate Fish is often deep fried whole.


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