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Indian mackeral

Species: Rastrelliger kanagurta

Indian Mackeral


Body moderately deep, gill rakers very long, visible when mouth is opened Back blue/ green flanks silver with golden tint; 2 rows of small, dark spots on sides of dorsal fin bases, narrow dark longitudinal bands on upper part of body and black spot on body near lower near lower margin of pectoral fin. Rest of fins are yellowish to dusky. They can grow upto 35cm. Body of the Indian mackerel is moderately deep and head is longer than the body depth. These fish have thin dark longitudinal bands on the upper part of the body, They are found in shallow coastal waters and deep lagoons. They feed on planktons and small shrimps and fishes. They have 2 dorsal fin widely separated, forked tail find, finlets seen before the tail.S

Gujarathi - Bangada / Malbari bhangda
Marathi -Bangada
Kannada - Bangade / Tel bangade
Konkani - Bangade
Malayalam - Ayala / Ayila
Tamil - Ayilai / Kumla / Kannankeluthi
telugu - Kanaganthalu
Oriya - Kangurta / Marua
Bengali - Khap khopi / Lajjabatti sating

Mackerel is very tasty seafish very stong flavor and meat has moderate oil content. Mackerel is odne when it falkes easily, meat is white and opaque.


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