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Species: Johnius spp

Bronze Crocker


Silver Crocker


Yellow Crocker


Can grow upto 160cm. Over mud banks or mixture of mud and sand, generally in shallow water to depth of 20m. Mostly bottom-dwelling at depth 350meters. Small species. Snout decourved, but not inflated, Teeth differentiated into large and small in both jaws. Found along the west coast of Indian subcontinent to Sri lANKA Occuring in inshore waters, down to 30m depth. Feed on small crustaceans, small fishes. Fishes with fairly elongated body, moderately compressed Sensory pores often on tip of snout Lateral lines continue upto tip of caudal fin.

Gujarathi - Dhoma
Marathi - Dhoma
Kannada - Kallur / Ghoti
Konkani - Fadki
Malayalam - Kora / Katla
Tamil - Kathali
Bengali - Bhola

Croakers have mild, sweet taste with firm, large flaked flesh, which is pinkish when raw but cooks up to white. This is a very good eating fish with a light pleasant flavour. Meat is very tender.


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