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Marine Cat fish

Species: Arius spp

Marine catfish 1


Marine catfish 2


Scaleless, fish, distinct whiskers like barbels. Popular because of its mild taste and limited bones. Head shield rugose and granulated posterior to orbit, especially on the supraoccipital region tapering to a wide V towards occipital region Plate teeth villiform and densely packed in a small, roughly traingular patch on each side.

Tip of the dorsal fin produced occasionally into a black filament They grow upto 180cm. Estuaries and insore waters clsoe to opening of river mouth at depth of 50meters. Incubate egg in mouth.feed on shrimps, crabs and small fishes. 3 PAIRS OF BARBELS PRESENT, HEAD SHIELD RUGOSE AND GRANULATED. First dorsal fin short with a long, oftern rough spine, Pectoral fins low on sides, with a strong, mostly serrated spin scales absent.

Gujarathi - Khago
Marathi - Shingala
Kannada - Shede / Galingi
Malayalam - Etta koori
Konkani - Sangot
Tamil - Keliru / Keluthi
Bengali - Muchal kanta

Meat whitish looking and firm. Less flaky, sweet & mild taste


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