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Species: Scoliodon palasorra

Shark 1


Shark 2


Body elongate and slender to moderately stout. Head with 5 gill slits, the last pair posterior to pectoral fin origins; small spiracles present; gill arches without rakers caudal fin asqymmedtrical,its lower lobe vary from virtually absent to strong,

Malayalam - Paalsravu
Tamil - Pal sorrah
Telugu - Sem sorrah

Shark is lean meat without lot of fat, Can taste similar to swordfish, tuna Shark is firm and white, with a mild flavor similar to chicken. the shark meat should be handled quickly and tenderized before cooking. shark from 3-4 feet in length have best flavour.

Shark puttu: Very popular in south India, shark is cooked soft, scrambled to pieces and stir fried in flavorfull spices.

Medium sized shark are prefered as it is less rubbery


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